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by Marcus

Search Systems is at the forefront of combining the best quality technology with in-house expertise to bring you live, secure video feeds from search and rescue situations, wide area disasters and constantly changing scenarios to enable you to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time.
A300 Rapid Camera Deployment System
The A300 System enables operators with minimal training to deploy and relay live, secure video to ground personnel or control rooms.
Combining the latest in Aerostat technology with our custom built gimbal and deployment systems, you can position a camera carrying balloon in minutes from a mobile vehicle or ground station giving you wide area viewing instantly.
Discreetly deployed from a single tether or branded with your logo or message, the A300 instantly enables wide area searches, continuous ground and air monitoring or when combined with additional models, a collection of aerial sentries creating an airborne network for data, imagery and telemetry.

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