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by Marcus

The 6th Annual Search and Rescue Europe 2018 Summit presents an important opportunity to form long term relationships with fellow SAR operators, industry leaders and Subject Matter Experts who are driving change and innovation in the field of SAR operations, strategy and supply.

SAR experts including Rear Admiral Larusson, Commander of the Icelandic Coastguard, will be delivering briefings on recent SAR missions, as well as technological and operational innovations; including solutions to the challenges of communicating at extreme latitudes and terrain, and of coordinating complex multi-agency/national missions.

This high-level meeting will also share crucial insight into the strategic elements of Search and Rescue Europe, including planning, procurement and budget prioritisation. International attendees from the likes of the Norwegian, Canadian and UK Coast Guards, will look into the vessels and air platforms utilised in SAR missions, and how their capabilities can be augmented and adapted to meet certain mission requirements. Expert contributors from industry and NGO’s will also provide updates on the use of Unmanned Systems in SAR operations, and the legislative hurdles that must be overcome before they can be utilised to their full potential.

2017 was a momentous year for Search and Rescue operators and suppliers alike and underlined that now, more than ever, international coordination and innovative solutions will be required in order to meet new challenges as they emerge.

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