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Sealing Wedges

by Marcus

Sava sealing wedges and Sava cones are new products, which also complement Sava sealing program. They are used for quick sealing of cracks on stationary and mobile tank-vehicles, that is road as well as railway ones. Two geometries shall be provided, one in the shape of a wedge in three different sizes, which can be used for closing of cracks (15 – 60 mm of width) and the other in the shape of a cone, which can be used for sealing cracks of diameter 30 – 90 mm.

Push charge bars, which are an integral part of the auxiliary equipment, provide safe functioning of a person from a far. The whole set, together with its equipment, shall quickly be stored after use in a portable case, therefore, storage of the system on road tankers or fire and police cars does not take up too much room.

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