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SeaComAir Company

SeaComAir Company manufactures a complete range of High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors from portable 2,2 kW with 4.2 scfm – 100 Liter/Minute charging rate up to 15 kW Heavy Duty Compressors Systems with 30.5 scfm – 750 Liter/Minute charging rate and max pressure up to to 450 bar / 6500 psi. Designed for economy and mobility, known for durability and performance

We distribute Low Pressure Nitrox Generators which can operate with our HP compressors as a integrated system for high pressure production of enriched air Nitrox (EAN). With combination of Nitrox Membrane cabinet LP screw compressor and HP compressor can be fill directly a Nitrox mixture 21% to 40% Oxygen (O2) to diver tanks and/or a storing bank system

Our product range also includes custom-built units and systems for special applications. We offer a wide range of HP compressor options to meet your needs

SeaComAir Company offers a range of Gas Cylinders, Vertical Storage Tanks and Containment Fill Stations with max. pressure 350 bar / 5000 psi to 450 bar / 6500 psi. We manufacters haevy duty stainless steel Inox filling panels with working pressure 220bar / 3200psi to 330 bar / 4850 psi

Our manufacturing process and quality manegement is ISO9001:2009 certified. SeaComAir Compressors are built and tested in our factory, have CE certification and meets or exceed international industry standards for CGA Grade”E” Air and DIN EN12021. Proper filtration is necessary for breathing air purposes. Pure breathing air is essential when using a high pressure air compressor

SeaComAir Compressors are widely used by Scuba Diving, Paintball, Shooting, Fire Departments and Services, Industry, Offshore, Marine, Police and Military, Rescue, Commercial untis and Natural Gas CNG Filling Stations.

For more information visit www.seacomair.com

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