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Scott Safety’s new COFDM transmitter

by Marcus
Scott Safety's new COFDM transmitter

Introducing Scott Safety’s new COFDM transmitter – the ultimate long-range telemetry system for exclusive live video transition from Scott’s X380 thermal imaging cameras.

Scott Safety’s new COFDM transmitter was previewed at the Emergency Services Show 2015, the first long-range telemetry system to attach to a small format thermal imaging camera. This new technology enables fire officers to predict hazards more accurately, providing a deeper insight into the individual risks presented at a scene.

Until recently, this technology has only been used on perimeter cameras outside a fire scene. Taking proven frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) technology utilised in the security sector, the COFDM transmits signals over 1km line of site. The clear transition from the X380 camera is unaffected in building because COFDM is resistant to multipath effects because it uses multiple carriers to transmit the same signal. This means instead of the signal scattering when met with an obstacle, it can flow around it. This enables firefighters to work from greater distance and move around the building without transmitter signals becoming lost or broken. For the first time it allows thermal images form the x380 and from inside a burning building to transmit effectively to the command unit.

Simon Lilley, Watch Manager at Nottinghamshire FRS said, ‘something that we’ve discussed as an organisation is the ability to feed back information from cameras to one central location so that people remote from the location, outside, in a command hub, would be able to get eyes on what the guys are doing inside.’

Greater situational awareness is the future of firefighting and the long-range COFDM telemetry system will help to ensure that every fire fighter comes home safe after the job is done. This innovative device transmits thermal imaging information instantly to the receiver base station at incident command.

The COFDM system, which is easily attached Scott Safety‘s X380 thermal imaging camera, is in great demand as it will help safeguard firefighters in emergency situations and aid early warning and rapid response. The system can link up to a receiver with a 4-way split screen, resulting in multiple firefighters assessing different areas of the building at once, with all the images linking back to one screen. Being compatible with the X380 thermal imaging cameras, means those in command will be able to review the most dangerous and ferocious parts of the burning building, assess it effectively and quickly determine the best way to tackle the situation.

Tony Pickett Global Product Manager at Scott Safety said, “The technology has been around for a while but has never been used effectively with advanced thermal imaging cameras before. Scott Safety has combined new technologies to enhance innovative products to meet the demands of today’s firefighters. The COFDM transmitter is the latest development in the firefighting industry, it’s reliable, compatible and effective over long-ranges to ensure firefighters are tackling fire in the safest way possible.”

To find out more on please visit www.scottsafety.com/en/emea or alternatively watch ITN Productions footage on Scott Safety’s latest products: https://itnproductions.wistia.com/medias/eabked7i4y

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