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Scoop Stretcher

by Marcus

Scoop Stretcher & Spine Boards

The Spine board is a light weight rescue stretcher which should be a must, and part of all rescue & evacuation equipment. It is of great assistance in immobilizing a patient in the safest possible way during transport.

It provides maximum spinal and cervical immobilization. It contains the injury and greatly increases the chances of survival, thus a spinal board becomes critical for medical evacuations in routine circumstances and can be easily used with minimal requirements of operational skill.

The stretcher is extensively used in the US and Europe for Road Accidents, Earthquakes and Natural disasters. The stretcher is made up of light moulded Fibre Reinforced Plastic and high density PU foam, and has the following features…

» High weight rating and custom made sizes available for spatial applications.
» There are no mould plugs, seams or voids for blood, body fluids, or soil to hide in.
» Oversized hand holes measure 2″ x 6″ for comfortable holding with gloved hands.
» Superior ergonomics and handling with tapered end, ideal for helicopter transport.
» Possible to use belt on individual legs and speed clip pins option available.
» Can float a patient in the water, and can be used as a flotation device.
» Custom colours, name embossing and silk screening available. Call for details.

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