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Savox helps to keep front-line workers safe

by Marcus
Savox helps to keep front-line workers safe

Savox Communications helps to stop the spread of coronavirus by offering reliable and certified face shields to those on the front lines– the ones who are keeping our society safely running during these challenging times.

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has left an enormous shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE)—leaving workers, across multiple industries, at risk and vulnerable to the deadly virus. From healthcare personnel and first responders to those performing essential functions in transit, transportation, pharmacies and grocery stores, they all deserve protection from COVID-19.

Savox helps to keep front-line workers safe

Savox is proud to help protect these everyday heroes. Savox’s reliable and certified face shield SILENTA XM4 protects against droplets and splashes. The company’s expertise in PPE, combined with its extensive, large-scale manufacturing capabilities, position Savox to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Savox’s modular face shield, under the Silenta brand, complies with the essential health and safety requirements and applies to a range of industries.

In addition to the existing version, there is a slightly lighter duty visor coming up later—a well-functioning option for environments where certifications are not required. Furthermore, Savox is continuously developing its offering and invests in innovation to introduce new products and systems.

SILENTA XM4 Face Shield

Highlights of SILENTA XM4 Face Shield:

  • The life-long costs of the Silenta face shield can be lower compared to disposable models, due to possibility to long-term use
  • replaceable sweatband = no need to disinfect, if desired, it can be disinfected with mild soapy water
  • replaceable visor = no need to disinfect, if desired, the visor can be disinfected with mild soapy water
  • sits firmly on your head = hygienic, as there is no need to bring your hands close to your face
  • the adjustable headband allows for the visor to be adjusted to fit the user
  • Durable structure: designed for long-term use
  • Padded headband: does not hurt the top of your head
  • Easy to clean: hygienic
  • Tested: This face shield has been approved in accordance with the PPE regulation 2016/425 (EU) and Directive 2001/95/EC.

For more information on the SILENTA XM4 Face Shield visit www.silenta.com/blogs/news/otsikko or www.savox.com/

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