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by Marcus
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Head Office:  Keilaranta 15 B, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Savox Communications is a global provider of communication solutions for fire and rescue, industrial, and defence and security professionals. The core mission of the company has remained the same throughout the years: to save lives by providing the best communication and rescue solutions for professional working in demanding environments. Savox has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of professionals working in harsh and demanding environments including explosive environments, confined spaces and hazardous locations.

The Savox search and rescue equipment is designed for urban search and rescue (USAR) teams to improve chances for saving lives. Savox search and rescue portfolio includes proven brands Savox SearchCam, Savox Delsar® and Savox Con-Space Hardline. This field proven equipment will aid in detecting and locating trapped victims in scenarios including building collapses and vehicle extrication. Solutions are rapidly deployable anywhere a disaster strikes.
Savox Con-Space Hardline is a heavy-duty, intrinsically safe communications system that can be used for rescue work, confined space entry, and many other applications such as fuel tank inspection and maintenance, utilities, aircraft maintenance, mining, mines rescue, and bomb disposal.

The Savox products have always been developed focusing on the actual user needs and environments, always aiming for the innovative and user friendly solutions. In addition to Savox® products, Savox´s competence and skills in communication equipment has been utilized by other companies as Savox also provides R&D and manufacturing services for partners including the leading global PPE manufacturers.

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