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by Marcus

Established in 2000, Safequip have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of water rescue PPE and equipment. Through constant innovation and application of new technologies, Safequip are now the leading supplier of water rescue equipment to the most demanding customers including – Maritime Coast Guard, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Water Rescue Teams, and Paramedics around the world.
Our professional users work in environments where the reliability and durability of their equipment is crucial to their safety and the safety of others. From industrial marine workers, to the Coast Guard, to Public Safety Professionals like Police Officers, Firefighters, and Water Rescue Teams, we create solutions catered to their specific requirements. These users deserve only the best while they are out there making a difference and saving lives.
Safequip are not limited to our own branded water rescue products, but also represent a number of complimentary brands which include: Streamlight Lighting Products, Specialised Inflatable Technology, Kask Helmets, Petrogen Hot Cutting Systems, and Deva Fire Retardant clothing. We also have a wide network of additional suppliers which gives us the ability to source a vast range of products, including electronic devices, specialist PPE, boat accessories and outboard engines. This gives us the unique ability to provide a “One Stop Shop” solution.
What we offer is beyond just simple products – we provide trusted and reliable complete solutions that are among the most innovative in the industry.
The concepts for many of our products come from the real life needs of our users. From protecting the rescue technician to offering products that provides protection to casualties and those who are in potential danger. The fact is that although our products have been developed for the professional rescue market, our product solutions often spill over into different markets, looking for the best performing products available.
Many of our products are researched, designed, tested and manufactured right where they are conceived. We are proud to be one of the unique companies in the industry where we control the entire product cycle, from initial research and product prototype design, to product testing and final production and quality assurance. Even after our products leave the manufacturing floor, we have our own certified service facility where products can be inspected, maintained and repaired.

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