by Marcus

Safety & Fire Education Training, located in Houston is a Texas Commissioned on Fire Protection and State Fireman’s and Fire Marshal’s Association certified training facility and consulting group that offers over 35 years of combined Fire and Safety experience. SAFE-T is a company that was established by dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who understand the need for quality training. The number one priority is to design a quality and effective training that is uniquely developed around each departments needs. SAFE-T guarantees to be the most affordable and beneficial training and consulting resource to both paid and volunteer fire departments in the entire great state of Texas!
Built on a foundation of integrity and moral fortitude It is our mission to be a resource that provides fire departments, Industrial settings, and all OSHA regulated businesses with up to date consulting and training that will keep their organizations in compliance with modern standards. SAFE-T has established a reputation that is both respected among our industry peers as well as within the community. SAFE-T provides comprehensive on location, and the newly developed hybrid facilitated courses. Contact us today to see how we can help you make SAFE-T your “first in” choice for training and officer development!

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