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by Marcus
S 378 eWXT Cutter

S 378 eWXT supplied by Lukas Hydraulik


The new S 378 eWXT is really convincing all along the line. It offers less weight with identical power values to the E2 predecessor series and a shorter design that significantly improves the balance of the machine. The new blade technology based on our THE BEAST by LUKAS S 799 E2 is particularly outstanding. Its “curved sickle blades” have now also been incorporated in the S 378 eWXT. Due to the wide knife opening, which hardly decreases towards the central bolt, in combination with a high jaw depth, it is possible to completely enclose the material to be cut and cut through with one cut.

The S 378 eWXT is also a liquid-protected rescue system. Operations in heavy rain, high water or even under water are no problem, because it is waterproof. Matching the series are the 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue batteries with the longest operating time in the industry.


  • Optimized blade geometry based on THE BEAST by LUKAS S 799 (E2)
  • Wide blade opening up to the central bolt
  • S 378 eWXT is 88 mm shorter and 900 g lighter than the comparable S 377 E2
  • S 378 eWXT with improved cutting performance from “I” to “K” when cutting round tube to S 377 eWXT
  • New brushless motor
  • Newly developed axial piston pump
  • Doubling of working time due to newly developed 9Ah battery
  • Can work for up to 60 minutes in 3m deep fresh water
  • Battery change under water possible
  • Constant working speed through electronic speed control

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S 378 eWXT supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

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