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RZT 2-1500 E-FORCE

by Marcus
RZT 2-1500 E-FORCE

RZT 2-1500 E-FORCE supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

All hydraulic rescue rams from WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS have the remaining length (DISTANCE) laser-etched onto the piston rod.

This early warning system enables you to decide right away whether the ram you are currently using is long enough for the job or whether a longer ram must be prepared and used. A real time saver at work!

The four circumferential rings and the marking on four sides (metric and inches) can be clearly seen from all angles. They show the last available 20 centimetres and so help you select the right rescue ram.

The rescue rams are distinguished by a particularly compact construction and are an ideal length for use in combination with the spreaders from WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS. All controls are striking and distinctive in red.


  • telescopic battery-powered rescue ram with a compact retracted insertion size and an extreme extended length due to our multi-stage constructionh
  • for better mobility and flexibility in use
  • extending to the final length of 1500 mm without any interruption
  • with integrated remaining length indication on the piston rod (DISTANCE) – the remaining length is always easily visible
  • battery not included

Technical data

  • Pushing force (1./2. stage) 108 kN/62 kN
  • Closed length 700 mm
  • Piston stroke (1./2. stage) 428 mm/372 mm
  • Extended length 1.500 mm
  • Weight (ready for use) 21,4 kg
  • Part no. 1081519

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RZT 2-1500 E-FORCE supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

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