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RSU 210 PLUS E-FORCE3 supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS hydraulic rescue cutters impress with their excellent force and low-tension cutting and are particularly well suited to cutting modern vehicles with high-strength materials.

In order to make the blades even more resistant and sturdy, thereby reducing the risk of blade breakage, the ULTIMATE blades are manufactured using a fully forged design.

The replaceable PLUS blade inserts are made of special high-strength alloy guaranteeing long-term performance. You save cost and also time, with only the blade insert needing replacement which can even be done at the scene of an incident. All controls are striking and distinctive in red.

The 360° rotating and folding plastic grip insulates the equipment operator up to 1,000 Volts. Hose-connected cutting equipment can be converted to E-FORCE 3 battery-powered units via a uniform connection point.


  • cutting equipment with highest cutting performance “K” in all cutting classes
  • blade and cutting edge shape for biggest challenges
  • high-strength, forged lightweight blades for better cutting performance and longer service life
  • blade inserts made of special alloy for cutting modern vehicles
  • lower maintenance costs (just change inserts instead of the complete blades)
  • with connection point for conversion to hose tool
  • battery not included

Technical data

  • RSU 210 PLUS (hose tool)
  • Technical data
  • Opening 210 mm
  • EN class CC200K-23,5
  • EN cutting class (EN 13204) 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K
  • NFPA class A8-B9-C8-D9-E9-F4
  • Weight (ready for use) 23,5 kg
  • Part no. 1093514

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RSU 210 PLUS E-FORCE3 supplied by Weber Rescue Systems

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