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Rosenbauer FOX Portable Pump

by Greg Preston
Rosenbauer FOX Portable Pump

The Rosenbauer FOX Portable Pump product family impresses in terms of power, weight, reliability, and ease of operation in a unique way.

The compact size and unrivaled ergonomic handles of the Rosenbauer FOX allow ease of transport in the final meters leading to the operation site. With maximum pumping capacity and reliable technology, it impresses in every operation.

Pump with maximum efficiency

The Rosenbauer FOX Portable Pump portable pump features a newly developed, single-stage pumping unit, which was developed specifically for use in portable pumps. The stationary impeller with spatially curved blades in a spiral housing made of light alloy converts the mechanical engine power in the single-stage centrifugal pump into hydraulic power with a very high level of efficiency. A pump shaft made of stainless steel, the lubricant- and maintenance-free mechanical shaft seal, the tension ring design of the pump and not least the ease of access to the engine and pump make these FOX models extremely easy to maintain.

Safe and fast external drafting

The Rosenbauer FOX also impresses with its robust construction. Once the pump is full of water, the suction pump is switched off automatically. Bilge operation, used when draining flooded basements for example, is possible without any modifications or operator steps.

Intuitive LCS 2.0 Operation

The FOX portable pumps are controlled and monitored via the LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System) control and instrument panel with integrated colour display. The logically designed operating structure disencumbers the operator to the best possible degree: The operator immediately receives information about the current status, immediate feedback on any malfunctions or operating errors, and suggestions for proper handling.


  • Integrated anti-glare backlight of the control and instrument panel.
  • Strong LED floodlight, height adjustable and removable, with spiral cable for maximum flexibility.
  • Standard additional illumination at the filler neck of the fuel tank.
  • Optional additional lighting in the support frame, for perfect lighting conditions during manual transport of the portable pump.
  • Optional socket with holder for RLS lighting system to make the water supply visible over a large area or to mark the portable pump with flashing lights in different colours.

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