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Rosenbauer Buffalo Extreme

by Marcus

Rosenbauer’s large tanker-pumper with outstanding off-road qualities

– The new BUFFALO extreme carries 33,000 l of water
– A special, all-wheel chassis is ideal for operation in the most difficult terrain
– The vehicle is fitted with a new N65 integrated pump and a lowerable RM60C roof monitor

Rosenbauer presents the new Rosenbauer Buffalo Extreme, a large tanker-pumper on a heavy-duty chassis that offers unlimited off-road capacity. This vehicle has been specially developed for the safe and reliable transport of huge volumes of extinguishing agents over the toughest terrain and their emission at extremely remote operational locations. The BUFFALO extreme is the ideal vehicle wherever there is no hydrant network or extinguishing water source such as in deserts or in brown coal opencast mines, where surfaced roads seldom exist.

Extremely strong chassis

The trademark of the BUFFALO extreme is its outstanding off-road handling, which is achieved in spite of a total weight of up to 68 t when fully loaded. With an exceptional width of 3.5 m the vehicle is secure on any surface, the head-height, 670 mm wide tires ensuring remarkable driving stability. The slope angle of around 35° and the large ground clearance also contribute to the truck’s optimum off-road qualities. Indeed, driving over rough roads, sand, or simply cross-country presents absolutely no problems for the all-wheel drive system with planetary axles and differential locks. Quite the reverse, for the tougher the going, the clearer the advantages of the BUFFALO become.

Over-dimensional water tank

The BUFFALO extreme possesses the extinguishing technology of a classic water tanker with an over-dimensional water tank. The truck carries 33,000 l of water/foaming agents (divided according to customer wishes) in a specially designed and mounted singlechamber tank, which is so installed as to provide the best possible load distribution. The vehicle has the newly developed N65 integrated pump on board, which offers an output of 6,500 l/min at 10 bar. It also possesses a central water axis to which both feed and suction lines can be attached, as well as a generously dimensioned water/foam monitor in the center of the superstructure. In addition, if required a foam proportioning system can be switched on for a configuration that allows the BUFFALO extreme to operate as a foam pumper.

High operational comfort levels

The pump is located in one of the lateral equipment compartments under the water tank, which provides a comfortable operating height and optimum tank suction efficiency. The RM60C monitor is fitted with a pneumatic lifting device and is lowered in a travel mode, but raised by 450 mm for extinguishing operations. The monitor offers electrical quantity and deflector adjustments, which are controlled from the driver’s cab via a joystick, while the pump comes with LCD displays in the pump compartment, or as an option, in the driver’s cab. The LCS 2.0 (Rosenbauer Logic Control System) is based on CAN bus technology.

Customized Body System

The BUFFALO extreme’s superstructure is of CBS design and consists of self-supporting, bolted and bonded aluminum sheets and profiles, which means that it is extremely robust and corrosion resistant. The chassis comes from the Paul Nutzfahrzeuge company in Passau, Germany, a partner in the Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Truck program, and is based largely on MB technology. The BUFFALO extreme is powered by a 571 hp, V8 engine with a 15.93 l capacity and a cooling system specially designed for hightemperature regions. The cab is a slightly modified version of an Actros cabin for a 1 + 1 crew, but can be adapted to carry five persons.

The heaviest GTLF version

The new BUFFALO extreme enlarges Rosenbauer’s water tanker (GTLF) range, which to date consisted of 3- and 4-axis chassis
with tanks containing up to 25,000 l. Depending on the application, the GRLFs are equipped with customized extinguishing
technology and can be used as a back-up supply truck, in shuttle transports, or for quick attacks. The GTLFs are built on standard European and US truck chassis, the Rosenbauer COMMANDER and now the “Heavy Mover” from Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, which
made its public debut at the IAA 2012 commercial vehicle exhibition in Hanover.


Chassis: Paul Heavy Mover 6×6
Engine: V8, 571 PS (420 kW) at 1,800 rpm incl. special cooling system
Transmission: Allison 4700 P
Special Michelin tires
33,000 l water tank
N65 with 6,500 l/min at 10 bar
RM60C water/foam monitor with 6,000 l/min
Crew: 1 + 1 (maximum 5)
Permitted total weight: 68 t
Dimensions: L x B x H: 13,000 x 3,550 x 4,200 mm
Maximum speed: 65 km/h

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