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Established in 1972, RESQTEC Zumro B.V., is based in Lisse, The Netherlands, and is a leading multinational. With 40 years of experience RESQTEC is the most innovative manufacturer of rescue and aircraft recovery equipment servicing technical rescuers and aircraft recovery teams all over the world.

Our objective is to facilitate the rescue industry to operate under safe circumstances, to be capable and to be in control. Over the past four decades, we have positioned ourselves to become a service-oriented company, delivering the best rescue equipment, education, service and support in our areas of expertise: Heavy Rescue, USAR, Extrication and Aircraft Recovery.

All our products are similar in the way that they are all dedicated to save lives and to guarantee safe conditions for the rescuer. We are committed to deliver the best solutions by using the latest technologies in materials and engineering; to educate, but also to learn from the rescuer; to convert today’s knowledge in tomorrow’s success.
Successful products, such as the NT bag, Q1 cutter, Octopus and R2S require a balance of creativity, innovation, a good understanding of the challenges in rescue operations and the power to execute. We believe that only when these elements work closely together one can truly achieve success.

Fast Facts

  • Established in 1972, family owned
  • Corporate HQ is located in Lisse, The Netherlands
  • Founder Axel Maarschalk
  • CEO Jan Pieter Maarschalk


RESQTEC is focused on innovation and education that have the power to transform rescue in safe and timely operations.


RESQTEC strives to be a true innovative manufacturer that understands the complications of any rescue or recovery operation.

  • Key areas of contribution are to raising standards in our daily rescue operations, to increase understanding by education (of sharing knowledge) and to develop the equipment that exceeds the expectations of our rescuers.


It all started in 1972 when Axel Maarschalk and Hurst Performance agreed to a partnership introducing the hydraulic rescue tool concept into the market. This partnership led to several innovations, such as the introduction of the spreader, the dedicated cutter and the ram. All of these changing the way you perform your rescue operation today. In 1990 Hurst Performance and RESQTEC Zumro B.V. decided to dissolve their partnership. It is then that RESQTEC changed its strategy to become the most innovative manufacturer in the rescue industry with focus on developing products that guarantee safe and ideally remote operations. RESQTEC brand is definitively established when NASA and military organizations start using the Stem Light mast, a retractable light post. In 2005 Jan-Pieter Maarschalk, son of Axel, joins RESQTEC and is appointed to CEO in 2011. With the clear focus on developing innovative solutions and to educate but also to learn from the rescuer by training RESQTEC continuous to be a leading manufacturer of rescue and recovery equipment.

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