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RescueDAYS in Poland 2022

by Marcus
RescueDAYS in Poland 2022

RescueDAYS in Poland

Exchange, education and training in technical assistance.

At this year’s rescueDAYS in Poland in Poznań, practical techniques were practised over two eventful days. With a total of 24 international instructors from 9 nations, experiences were exchanged, techniques were combined and realistic scenes were re-enacted and discussed.

RescueDAYS in Poland 2022

In addition to cross-ramming, side impact and stabilisation, the focus was on topics such as lifting buses, dealing with hybrid and electric cars and PKW under trailers/on barriers. At eight stations, the participants were able to exchange information on operational tactics in complex operational situations and practise new rescue options together. With over 320 participants, there were definitely many opinions, ideas and skills represented.

RescueDAYS in Poland 2022

WEBER RESCUE are already looking forward to the upcoming international rescueDAYS in Paderborn as well as all upcoming training events such as the Heavy Rescue Days in Slovenia.

For more information visit https://www.weber-rescue.com

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