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rescueDAYS 2023 – 20th anniversary: A milestone in technical assistance

by Marcus
rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary

rescueDAYS 2023 – 20th anniversary: A milestone in technical assistance

The 20th anniversary of rescueDAYS, which took place at the beautiful Bostalsee in Saarland, came to an end after four eventful days. From September 21 to 24, more than 1,000 enthusiastic participants, experienced instructors and passionate employees from 42 different nations came together to take part in the world’s largest and unique technical assistance training event.

At several stations, the participants received comprehensive training in the correct use of the rescue tools. Under the guidance of the WEBER RESCUE Instructor Team, they gained valuable information as well as practical tips and tricks for use. In addition to the established training elements of the rescueDAYS ORIGINAL with rescue scenarios such as rear and side collisions, rescue with modern vehicle techniques and extricating people from a passenger car on a barrier. This year, rescueDAYS PLUS was presented for the first time. These expanded the program to include specialized scenarios such as rescue from truck accidents, accidents involving agricultural vehicles, rescuing passengers from buses, and safely slinging, pulling and redirecting loads.

“The rescueDAYS are more than just an opportunity for professional development. They create a platform where experts from different fields can learn from each other and network when dealing with realistic rescue scenarios,” says Managing Director Bernhard Obermayr.

rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary

SMART-FORCE in practical test under water

The new SMART-FORCE battery-powered tools as well as the revolutionary SMOOTH-CUT technology could also be tested at rescueDAYS. As a highlight, visitors had the opportunity to experience the new devices live in action in an underwater container of the Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V..

Realistic rescue on specifically deformed vehicles

In preparation for the training, accidents were prepared at the different stations, with around 200 vehicles being deformed in a targeted manner. The WEBER CRASH SYSTEM was also used here. This system makes it possible to deform vehicles in a controlled manner with the help of four cylinders that use different pushing heads. By the precise regulation of the pressure, different degrees of destruction can be simulated. This allows for an extremely realistic recreation of accident scenarios without endangering the safety of the operators or relying on the use of construction machinery.

rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary

Zero series vehicles and the latest vehicle technology

In the course of the training, zero-series vehicles from the famous brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Renault were also used. The use of these brand new vehicle models was of particular importance as they represent the latest progress in vehicle technology. As a result of their high-strength materials in the bodies and modern safety features, firefighters are faced with completely new challenges when rescuing people from accident vehicles. That makes it all the more important for rescue forces to keep their knowledge here up to date.

Framework programme: Trade exhibition and rescueDAYS SYMPOSIUM

The framework programme of the event offered participants the opportunity to also take part in the rescueDAYS SYMPOSIUM in the parallel to the practical stations on Friday and Saturday. This SYMPOSIUM included a series of technical lectures given by respected experts from the fire service. In addition, visitors had the opportunity to explore the trade exhibition, where more than 40 exhibitors presented their extensive range of products in the field of firefighting equipment.

rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary

20th anniversary

As part of the anniversary celebrations, long-time WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS employees and trainers were honoured for their many years of excellent work. Reiner Stuber, who was awarded the German Fire Brigade Medal of Honour by the German Fire Brigade Association, received a special honour. Frank Bohm, instructor at WEBER RESCUE emphasised in his speech: “Without Reiner, rescueDAYS such as we know it today would not exist.” The evening events with musical performances were also an impressive highlight.

Special commitment

“Many thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with the rescueDAYS this year. Special mention should be made of the main organizers, Heiko Schneider and Dirk Schäfer, as well as the district of St. Wendel, the associated fire departments and the THW. In addition, we would like to thank the head of the catering group, Uwe Wagner, and his team of volunteer helpers in the German Red Cross, the Malteser Hilfsdienst Nohfelden – Neunkirchen/Nahe and the disaster control of the district of St. Wendel for their extraordinary commitment.” What was set up at Bostalsee 2023 is and remains unique and would have been impossible without the work done and the good cooperation of the numerous aid organizations.

rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary


“The rescueDAYS 2023 were an outstanding success! We are already looking forward with great anticipation to rescueDAYS 2024 in Güstrow,” commented Hanno Diekmann, Deputy Division Manager.

WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS is an internationally leading, innovative manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic rescue systems for technical assistance. These are used in numerous fields. In addition to fire brigades and technical relief organisations, customers include the military and police. The equipment is also used in a variety of industrial applications, for example in the dismantling and recycling of plant.

With a wide range of additional equipment for a wide variety of applications, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS offers everything you need for stabilisation, securing and initial opening. As a pioneer in the digitalisation of aid organisations, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS integrates additional digital functions in the rescue tool and develops apps and software applications for alerting, management and training.

A comprehensive training programme trains rescue workers in the optimal handling and maintenance of the rescue systems. In addition to training courses on technical rescue and courses on testing and maintenance, WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS organises the rescueDAYS, the world’s largest training event for technical rescue.

Further information at: https://www.weber-rescue.com

rescueDAYS 2023 - 20th anniversary

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