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Rescue tool battery capacity explained

by Marcus

Rescue tool battery capacity explained: Watch the marble game!

How long can I work with my battery-operated rescue tool? We are being asked this question a lot, especially since the launch of our new Pentheon Series last year. In the July 2020 blog we took a look at this topic, comparing a battery to a bowl of Skittles (your candy will last longer if you eat just one each time instead of grabbing a handful) and also to the fuel tank of a car (the same amount of fuel will get you more mileage in an energy efficient vehicle). Check out the blog about the working time of battery-powered rescue tools for more details.

As questions about batteries keep on reaching us, we decided to show you a third example. In this video we explain the relationship between battery capacity and the run time of your rescue tools. Take a look at our marble game now.


It’s not only a matter of how many marbles you start out with. Just like it’s not only the volume of a fuel tank that defines a car’s range. It’s about having a smart design of your marble run, your car and most importantly your rescue tools that enables you to get the most out of them. That’s how you succeed!

Written by Ronald de Zanger & Marinus Verweijen Holmatro Rescue Consultants

For more information visit https://www.holmatro.com/en/rescue

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