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Rescue Days 2024

by Marcus
Rescue Days 2022

Rescue Days 2024 the world’s largest training event on technical rescue for fire brigades will take place in September in Bostalsee, Germany.

The international rescueDAYS are the world’s largest training event for technical rescue support and have been taking place once a year at different venues in Germany for more than 15 years. WEBER RESCUE SYSTEMS also holds rescueDAYS throughout the world, including in Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and Portugal.

New vehicle technologies and the numerous types of vehicles on the streets always present the fire services and rescue organisations with new challenges. In order to be prepared in these situations, it is necessary to train for different accident scenarios and to gain knowledge about the technology used. The training covers the areas of car, truck and bus rescue. During rescueDAYS, participants can learn new rescue techniques and exchange experiences with participants from all over the world, because technical accident rescue does not work the same way everywhere.

Information regarding the rescueDAYS 2024

The world”s largest training event in technical rescue – the international rescueDAYS – will take place in Güstrow in 2024. Registration will be open in early March 2024, with the exact start date for sale to be announced.

18th rescueDAYS for 2022 in Paderborn

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