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Registration for The British Firefighter Challenge 2023

by Greg Preston
Registration for The British Firefighter Challenge 2020 is Now Open

Registration for The British Firefighter Challenge 2023 is now open.

Working closely with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service on the British Firefighter Challenge 2023. The competition will be a two day event over Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of July, and will take place in Cathedral Gardens, Manchester.

Events include:

Stair Ascent

Competitors will start at the base of the three-story Crofton Tower, both feet on the ground, competitors may have one or both hands on the hand rails provided prior to the stair climb. On the sounding of the start horn, the competitor will ascend the stairs to the top of the tower. Competitors may climb more than one step at a time on the way up but they must use the external handrail provided at all times within the marked off areas.

Harken Haul Aloft

Once a competitor has reached the top of the Crofton Tower, they must haul up one length of 70mm delivery hose provided by Angus Fire, this must be hauled over the guard rail provided and then placed into the box provided.

Corhaven Force

Following the stairs, the competitor then proceeds by the marked route to the Forcible Entry Machine built and sponsored by Corhaven. The competitor must have both feet on the platform and using the hammer provided, hit the weight the full distance of the Corhaven machine.

Angus Fire Hose Drag

The competitor will connect a length of 70mm lay flat delivery hose to a light portable pump delivery, they will then go to the end of the hose, pick up the branch and drag the hose 60 metres to a marker line, the branch must be dropped over the line to complete this section.

British Firefighter Challenge 2023 schedule.

Saturday 29th July 2022: All Male Categories 18-44

  • The awards for M18, M30, M35 and M40 categories will be held immediately after the last race

Sunday 30th July 2022: Male Categories 45-55+, Female Categories and Relay event

  • The awards for M45, M50, M55+, F18, F35+ categories, plus the Overall Male and Female, British Male and Female, British Fire Service, Open Relay Male, Open Relay Female, British Relay, Mixed Relay and Best Fundraiser will be held immediately after the last race

Please confirm that you can attend the entire day before entering. You will need to register at 8 am on the day of your race, and all race times will be allocated on the day and are subject to change.

The only way to be a part of the British Firefighter Challenge is to register online. We would encourage you to register quickly in order to avoid disappointment!

Registration for The British Firefighter Challenge 2023 – sign up here.

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