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by Marcus
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Ready Rack are a manufacturers of durable, heavy-duty storage systems for PPE for fireifghting departments around the world. Ready Rack components are manufactured with a zinc chromate finish and protected with a special clear-coat sealer

All units are supplied with two levels of open wire shelving. Full length grid dividers separate individual sections between top and bottom shelf levels and provide a 4″ tall divider on the top shelf level. Grid dividers are also supplied for ends of the unit. Each individual section is supplied with two hanging apparel hooks, one snap on plastic name plate, and a hanging pole that runs the length of the unit

Designed for maximum air circulation, Red Rack and Dry Kwik accessories help PPE and gear dry faster and last longer. Our system creates maximum organization which helps shave precious extra seconds off your response times; helping you serve your community better

Ready Rack’s corporate headquarters is located in Woodstock, IL. There we inventory, assemble, and package the various components that make up our products for shipment to our customers. Groves Incorporated partners with manufacturers in the United States and around the world. By using multiple sources, we are able to get the most competitive pricing for our customers, while maintaining the highest quality

When you purchase a Ready Rack system through our nationwide fire service distribution network, you are supporting firefighters who often work second jobs as expert sales consultants. Our business plan allows these heroes to earn extra money to support their families and provides you with real hands-on product knowledge

Ready Rack is available in a wide range of models, New Tech Wall Mounted, Freestanding and Mobile. Choose from standard units, or customize the installation to fit your station’s wall or floor space

All Red Rack Storage systems include adjustable boot & helmet shelves, hanging pole, adjustable apparel hooks, label holder for name plate and heavy-duty powder coat finish.
Red Rack products are available in any Pantone® PMS color upon request.

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