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by Marcus

The Reach and Rescue pole systems have helped to evolve the water rescue techniques around the world, to a new standard. The mantra of “reach, throw, row and go” has been used to the water safety importance for rescuers.
The long reach rescue poles we have designed have been tried and tested by many organisations from water rescue training providers to the Fire & Rescue Services, to maritime, construction and offshore, man over board water safety specialists.
The telescopic poles rapidly and accurately deliver the rescue equipment of choice to the victim safety and continue on to retrieve in seconds safely and in a controlled manner.
The Reach and Rescue equipment does not just apply to flood water, swift water or sea rescue situations; The versatile array of attachments has led to many other applications such as ice rescue, mud rescue, surveillance, under water searches cameras, sonar searching, animal control / rescue and fall arrest to name a few.
Reach and Rescue Ltd will continue to lead the field in British manufactured reach technology by constantly applying never ending improvements. We a proud to say that the Reach and Rescue pole systems are SAVING LIVES AROUND THE WORLD

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