RamFan Ex50Li

by Marcus
RamFan Ex50Li

The RamFan Ex50Li heralds a major breakthrough in smoke extraction fans.  With the option to run independently from either one or two high power 40V Lithium batteries these highly compact units deliver exceptional performance without the need for fuel storage or connection via electrical cables.

The RamFan Ex50Li swappable battery packs provide an incredible 45 minute+ run time with two batteries fitted or 25 minutes+ with one.  A back up mains cable is also provided for secondary operation and re-charging. The Ex50Li battery-powered PPV can charge the batteries internally without the need for battery removal.

Integrated LED floodlights are fitted as standard to the RamFan Ex50Li, delivering 500 lumens of illumination directly at the entry point to the structure.  The balanced, rugged frame design allows the Ex50Li to be suspended from a door bar for smoke ejection operations.  Duct adaptors and ducting are also available for enhanced operational flexibility in confined space rescue operations.  Integrated misting system makes rehab and dust abatement very easy.

Integration into vehicles could not be easier – the compact frame can be stowed in existing locker spaces either vertically or horizontally and secured via the purpose made vehicle mount bracket.

Initial trials were conducted in association with the UK Defence sector with excellent results.  Many UK Fire and Rescue Services are now actively engaged in trial and evaluation procedures with extremely positive feedback to date.

  • Easy vehicle integration
  • Compact, durable design
  • Exceptional performance
  • Long battery run-times
  • Integral charging
  • Secondary AC connection
  • Integral LED floodlights
  • AMCA & CE certified

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