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French leader and a reference in quality, R-PONS designs, manufacture and commercialize a great range of fire fighting equipment and couplings for the industry.

Based in Paris in the beginning of the last century and employing 10 people at that time, the company was producing irrigation couplings and fittings, mainly used by farmers from surrounding villages who supplied Paris with fresh vegetables.

As the workshop situated in the Faubourg du Temple area became too narrow, it was transfered into an old water-mill based in the Aube district. The company grew bigger there thanks to this new huge space and to the power supplied by the close river, achieving new products thanks to casting and machining technics.

As R.PONS has now modernized with powerful means, its first goal is to permanently control the quality of the products and services offered to its customers.

R.PONS company is regularly developing new products in Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless steel alloys thanks to the perfect mastering of technics from its foundry works. The know-how and great producing capacity of this company help it to remain the leader on domestic market as well as international ones.
R-Pons design products on 3D software of ultimate generation.
R-Pons R&D department is equipped with the last technologies to design and develop the best quality products on the fire-fighting market or on the industrial coupling market.
R-Pons fire-fighting products are aimed to protect people and goods for a long period of time. This is the reason why they answer very strict quality requirements on resistance and durability.

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