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QUIC-RELEASE Fire Extinguisher Holder

by Marcus

Hands-On: QUIC-RELEASE Fire Extinguisher Holder – 5 lb

Will your 5 lb. fire extinguishers stay secured in a crash? Our new QUIC-RELEASE Fire Extinguisher Holder, Model QR-FEH-1, is uniquely designed for it, SAE-J3043 compliant, and third-party tested to hold against a 39G force.

Perfect for the crew area of an ambulance, fire truck, or virtually any moving vehicle, the QR-FEH-1 adjusts to accommodate the Amerex B500 or Kidde Pro Series 340.

In this video we get hands-on, highlight the special features, demonstrate the operation, and show you a better, safer way to protect your personnel.

For more information visit www.ziamatic.com/

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