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Quanzhou Winner Fire Fighting Equipment Co. Ltd

by Marcus

Quanzhou Winner Fire Fighting Equipment Co. Ltd  – SX Brand was built along with Huaxia fire hose co. ltd from the 1980s. Mr. Huang with another 2 partner quit job from national fire brigade to research more qualified fire products to guard the fire fighter and people’s life. Thus, the 1st and only one fire fighting hose manufacturer in Fujian came into being. They named the brand as “3 star”, wish they can give more hope to fire fighters and people in despair.
Quality is the soul of enterprise. That’s what Mr. Huang always emphasizes. He refuses any defective products with no hesitation, doing researches on new products, introducing new technology. Many new patented products are created to save more lives. In 1988, his quality management system received Chinese National Official authorization. High quality products finally help him to achieve original intention.

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