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Q-Lock System

by Marcus
Q-Lock System

Q-Lock System supplied by S-GARD

Even more protection for you and your team

The IRS (Integrated Rescue and Restraint Sling) is ready for use in just 3 seconds thanks to the IRS QLOCK quick lock system. Simply open the flap and pull the restraint sling out of the storage pocket. You don’t need a snap lock or separate connectors because they are already integrated in the design.

You can use the IRS to secure yourself against falling in ad-hoc situations such as on inclines where slipping is a hazard or on ladders. It also enables you to better assist others. You can retrofit your jacket with the rescue and restraint sling if it is not already integrated in your fire service coat.


Certified pursuant to EN 358, EN 1498-A (rescue and restraint sling)


  • QLock quick-lock system
  • Fastener (self-belay sling)
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Available sizes: XS–3XL (use your jacket size as a guide)
  • Snap hook and fastener not required

Areas of use

  • Support and restraint
  • Self-rescue
  • Rescuing people
  • Raising and lowering


  • Quickly ready for use with integrated protection
  • Relieves the core muscles and prevents back injury
  • Safe even if you lose consciousness
  • Lightweight design that preserves the membrane
  • Improves air circulation and breathing activity
  • No snagging on building elements or in the vehicle

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Q-Lock System supplied by S-GARD

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