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by Marcus

Established in 1972 as specialist in casting for machinery parts. Protek Manufacturing Corp professional foundries produced iron and steel casting, and in 1974, expanded to non-metal casting, including bronze, brass, aluminum and alloy. In 1989, the division for fire fighting equipment was established to supply various markets and projects globally.
Protek Manufacturing Corp. has become a leader in providing high performance fire fighting equipment. Since 1972, Protek has adhered to three operating principles of delivering high-quality products, creating value for our customers and providing exceptional service.
Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, established manufacturing capability and management to deliver quality, value and service to all our customers. From employing new technologies to testing each and every product before shipment, Protek takes pride in its products as customers worldwide can attest.
Constantly improving existing products and developing new products in order to meet the challenges of the fire industry. From high pressure self-educting nozzles to wireless remote controlled monitors, we have continually developed products that are tailored to the evolving needs of our customers.
Committed to delivering products of the highest quality and value for our customers, exceptional service and effective manufacturing processes. Protek strives to exceed customers’ expectations at all times and continue its position as an industry leader.

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