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by Marcus
Profoam International

PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL is specialised in production of fire-fighting foams. Years of innovative research have resulted in the development of a full range of protein and synthetic foams.

PROFOAM was established in February 2003 in Novara (between Milan and Turin), Italy. PROFOAM combines the extensive resources of the international chemical group “PROCHIMICA” with the expertise of a highly qualified team of professionals experienced in the field of foam development.
A programme of continuing investment and a commitment to maintain the highest production standards demonstrates

PROFOAM’s determination to become pre-eminent in the specialised and highly competitive field of international foam manufacturing.

Large production capacity (200 m3 daily), quality products, know-how and reliability distinguish PROFOAM as the universal leader of foam manufacturers, giving the professional end user the quality assurance they need where matters of safety are paramount.

PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL is known for its environment friendly products, for its extremely short delivery terms, and the expertise and availability in customers’ assistance.

PROFOAM has dedicated a specific facility to the production of protein based foam compounds (FP, FFFP, AR). For the oil industry the use of protein based foams is recommended, as they provide superior burn-back resistance, are more effective with sea water compared with the synthetic foams, and are kinder to the environment.

The production plant is located near Milan in Italy, in the heart of Europe, allowing an easy access to most countries around the world.

Responsible for worldwide sales, PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL team in Paris assists and advises international end users in the correct choice of foam compounds.

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