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by Marcus
VersarPPS is a leading UK manufacturer of Decontamination Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment. We specialise in providing complete solution packages to a wide variety of hazard prone industries. For over 65 years, the VersarPPS product offering has evolved and is globally known within the industry for its bespoke and quality designs. With almost seven decades of protecting workers in hazardous environments our reputation for reliability and expertise makes us an leading industry specialist.
Since PPS’s inception 67 years ago, our over-riding ethos has been to provide the greatest possible protection to employees and to maintain a safe workplace in any hazardous situation. PPS developed an unique and special welding technology which made it the leader in air-fed suits for the Nuclear Industry and other businesses which operate in hazardous environments. The company was acquired by Versar Inc. in 2010 which has enabled us to refine our research and development capabilities while expanding our investments and technologies in Europe and the rest of the World.
Our customers rely on our innovative personal protective products and by collaborating with industries, organisations and Governments we guarantee to supply the latest, technologically advanced products for the protection of your staff and customers. Continual improvement, global awareness and technological development means that we will always protect your staff, your clients and our environment.

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