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Tridol S is a superior quality synthetic Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

– Film-forming for fast flame knock down and extinguishment.
– Burnback resistance and post-fire security.
– Foam blanket reseals when ruptured by personnel or equipment.

Tridol S is a unique combination of hydrocarbon and fluorochemical surface active agents. It produces a vapour-sealing aqueous film that spreads rapidly over the fuel surface to provide rapid control and extinguishment.


Tridol S is used in high risk situations where hydrocarbons (such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and aviation kerosene) are stored, processed, or transported. It is used extensively on Rapid Intervention Vehicles (RIV) at major international airports and military bases where fast extinguishment with limited quantities of foam is essential for saving life. Other applications include hydrocarbon storage tanks, process areas, warehouses, road/rail loading racks, power stations, marine terminals, and offshore platforms.

Tridol S provides a vapoursuppressing foam blanket on unignited hydrocarbon spills. Tridol S 3 can also be used as a wetting

agent in combating fires in Class A materials such as wood, paper, and tyres.

The variants S1, S3, S3LT, S6 and S6LT are each designed for use at different induction rates and ambient temperatures. For full details please refer to the product data sheets.

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