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SOLBERG Mobile Foam Cart


The SOLBERG Mobile Foam Cart is designed and constructed for one person operation. This foam station can function at its full potential quickly in an emergency situation. Foam concentrate is stored in a 35 gallon (133 litres) stainless steel tank equipped with a 95 gpm (360 lpm) eductor and pick-up tube.

The SOLBERG Mobile Foam Cart pick-up tube is connected to the tank and utilizes a metering device to determine what percentage of foam concentrate is introduced into the water stream. On the inlet of the eductor, a supply fire hose is connected that delivers water from an independent source. A fire hose and discharge nozzle are connected to the outlet. When in operation, water flows through the eductor creating a vacuum that draws foam concentrate out of the tank to the metering valve of the eductor and into the water stream, delivering foam solution to the nozzle.

As a custom manufacturer, we tailor our mobile products to meet your particular specifications. SOLBERG® Mobile Products are designed to provide quick, mobile foam fire protection for hazards consisting of flammable liquids. These types of hazards can be defined but not limited to tank farms, loading racks (both truck and rail), chemical processing plants, and marine off loading / on loading terminals. SOLBERG Mobile Products greatly increases the firefighting ability of industrial, municipal, and military fire emergency responders.

Mobile Products can be used with all SOLBERG foam concentrates (RE-HEALING™, ARCTIC™, FIRE-BRAKE™).

  • SOLBERG Mobile Foam Cart

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