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The Silhouette Jacket & Trousers from FlamePro form a versatile suit which covers a wide variety of on-and off-site uses where some flame protection may be required (not Level 2 situations).

The 720 Silhouette Jacket is semi-tailored with a highly ergonomic design, thus allowing for great freedom of movement at the same time as offering protection against flame, rain & wind, and complying with the high visibility requirements of EN471 Class 3. The jacket conveniently comes with a radio pocket with microphone tab above on the left breast and adjustable torch loop with tab above on the right breast. This greatly supports easy firefighter communication on the move.

This jacket has back upper shoulder pleats for better shoulder movement and scooped back flap for protection over lower back when kneeling, greatly improving mobility in any scenario. There are anti-wicking strips around the cuff & lower jacket hems with a Kermel® mesh in the hem. There is also a good choice of colour options for the jacket, which are red, grey, dark navy, blue, or hi-vis yellow.

The 720 MX Silhouette Trousers are available in Tecasafe XL9240 fabric which is fire retardant and anti-static for fantastic protection in hazardous areas. This is combined with a high moisture wicking Kermel® ePTFE drop liner to provide a waterproof-breathable garment. These trousers have 2 front pleats for high comfort, and with a colour choice between dark navy, red, royal blue & hi-vis yellow, they are adaptable to a range of preferences based on situation.

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FlamePro (UK) Ltd is now entering its 10th year as a designer, manufacturer and distributor of specialist protective clothing for firefighters. The company was founded with the specific intention of providing the most up-to-date designs and materials to protect firefighters in the most extreme conditions.

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