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PYROS 3 Fire Trainer


The PYROS 3 Fire Trainer from Leader is designed to train in the handling of various fire extinguishing equipment (all fire extinguishers, nozzles, portable foam units, etc)

Generates powerful flames with high level of heat radiation at a controlled height of 0.20m (0.66′) to 3m (9.84′),
Thanks to the wired and/or wireless remote control, you can work alongside the trainees throughout operations while staying in full control of the fire (fire ignition’s point & extinguishing).

An elaborated design to facilitate the use of the container and increase safety during training:

  • A maximum safety during use (emergency stop button on the console, no sharp edges),
  • An ergonomic, stable and easy to carry console (It can be stored in the tank during transport),
  • Easy to empty due to:

– The handles for a good grip of the tank,

– The wheels to toggle the tank without effort,

– Easy transportation due to the storage space provided next to the igniter to place the wired and wireless remotes.

  • Easy and instantaneous re-ignition, even after several exercises.
  • Various adaptable training modules for customized and realistic training (screen, dust bin, fryer fire module, motor, electrical cabinet…),
  • Impressive oil slick fire effect,
  • Large fire area: 0,83 m
  • Easily transportable,
  • Easy maintenance.
  • PYROS 3 Fire Trainer
  • PYROS 3 Fire Trainer
  • PYROS 3 Fire Trainer

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