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Oscillating Bronze Fire Monitors

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Oscillating Bronze Fire Monitors are a simple and reliable design with a water pressure driven oscillation mechanism to move the monitor in the horizontal plane. Movement in the vertical plane is via hand lever and lock.

Flow rates and sizes can be found in the individual datasheets along with the options on jet spray nozzles and foam cannons.

The Oscillating Bronze Fire Monitors is a nominal 80mm waterway Oscillating Monitor, designed to provide optimised hydraulic efficiency and long throw performance when the Angus Long Throw (LTN) nozzles or (LTC) cannons are fitted. The compact low profile configuration, makes this monitor particularly suitable for installation on towers, aircraft hangars, offshore platforms for helideck protection and other areas where space is limited.

The OM80 Oscillating Bronze Fire Monitors is engineered to the highest standards to withstand severe environmental conditions and provide exceptional operational reliability, long life and extremely low maintenance.

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