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MultiMatic 400 Automatic Dual Pressure Nozzle


The MultiMatic 400 Automatic Dual Pressure Nozzle form Leader is a firefighting nozzle designed for safety, reliability and robustness!

  • Compact nozzles with slide valve combining up several modes:
  • Low pressure to maintain an effective flow and reach at low pressure
  • Automatic with pulsing mode to produce very small droplets at very high speed
  • Flowrates range: 400 l/min at 6 bar – low pressure
  • Size available: Compact
  • Nozzle body : Aluminium
  • Meets the required standards (EN, NFPA)

Available in 2 types of materials:Aluminium or FIBERTECH Composite.

Firefighter responders are used to working with aluminium and brass nozzles. LEADER proposes a full aluminium range of fire nozzles.

They also now have the choice of a new material: the LEADER FiberTech® composite.
Always at the cutting edge, LEADER is introducing composite material into the design of its firefighting equipment with properties equal or better than those of ordinary materials.

The composite is a material consisting of:

a reinforcement – in this case glass fibres – which provides most of the material’s mechanical properties and a matrix which acts as a binder.
The composite perfectly replaces metal alloys and is already used in many fields: automotive industry, aerospace, weapons ….

  • MultiMatic 400 Automatic Dual Pressure Nozzle
  • MultiMatic 400 Automatic Dual Pressure Nozzle

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