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MultiFlow 235 Selectable Flow Nozzle


The MultiFlow 235 Selectable Flow Nozzle from Leader is a firefighting nozzle designed for safety, reliability, and robustness with a flow rate or 235 litres per minute.

Technical Information:

  • Slide valve nozzles with large ring for selecting flowrate and flush.
  • Flowrates: 40 – 100 – 150 – 235 l/min at 6 bar
  • Size available: Compact
  • Nozzle body : Aluminium
  • Meets the required standards (EN, NFPA)
  • Body in Hard anodized Aluminum
  • 6 positions (5 open + shut off) controlled by a wide flow handle for instantaneous reaction
  • Adjustment of the full jet to the optimal spray angle in a quarter turn
  • Stainless steel slide valve for keeping a perfect stream quality
  • Powerful full cone spray for smothering flames.
  • Unbreakable teeth : No maintenance
  • Polyurethane Bumper: resistant to high temperatures, hydrocarbons and aggressive chemicals
  • Strainer to prevent large debris ingress.
  • MultiFlow 235 Selectable Flow Nozzle
  • MultiFlow 235 Selectable Flow Nozzle

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