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Lukas eDRAULIC Cutter S 312 E2

LUKAS Hydraulik

The new Lukas eDRAULIC Cutter S 312 E2  is easy to hold thanks to a weight of less than 20 kg (incl. battery!), yet makes a notable impression. The reason: Blade opening width, cutting force and cutting performance for round material have been further optimised compared to the previous model. The result: the top cutting class I! No doubt about it: Your job is made considerably easier with this innovative cutter– now and in the future.


  • Optimised EN cutting class: from G to I!
  • Perfect blade geometry for more force at the right point
  • Weighs under 20 kg (with battery)
  • Rescue-friendly combination of cutting performance and opening width
  • Powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery
  • Rescue operations without power units and hoses
  • S312 E2

Product features

Thanks to LUKAS eDRAULIC, rescue workers are freed of power units and heavy hoses – and can rely on superior performance when it counts. The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations, while the specialised blade geometry enables the maximum force to be applied exactly where it is needed. This makes rescue operations easier, faster and safer.

  • Lukas eDRAULIC Cutter S 312 E2
  • Lukas eDRAULIC Cutter S 312 E2
  • Lukas eDRAULIC Cutter S 312 E2

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Since the late 1940s, LUKAS Hydraulik has been manufacturing pioneering hydraulic products in Erlangen, Germany. Initially, these were exclusively for industrial applications, but they were soon followed by the first rescue tools.

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