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LEADER TIC 3.1 Thermal Imaging Camera

Efficient and Small = 1 BUTTON

Particularly suitable for the first attack. LEADER TIC 3.1 offers unbeatable value and best quality, ideal for firefighting, first attack, search for missing persons and fire…

Features of the LEADER TIC 3.1

Compact 165 x 140 x 85 mm
Lightweight 925gr with 2 batteries.
Large 3,5“ display for details visibility
Widest detection range: -40°C to +1150°C
1 colorization mode
Video recording (option)
Batteries: 6 year warranty, 5000 charging cycle
Safe batteries (LiFePO4): for high temp operations
3.5h running time with 2 batteries
Germanium window to protect the optics
Removable Pistol grip option (H: +110mm – W:+ 170gr)
Boot time < 5 sec
1 Large button: easy to operate even with EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE = 3 BUTTONS


Zoom x2 – x4
Colorization selection (3 or 5 modes)
Image freeze / picture capture (option)
Video recording (option)
Replay picture and video on screen
Laser pointer (option)

Colour Schemes

LEADER TIC 3.3 offers 3 colour scheme as standard: Fire, Search, and Inverse +2 colour scheme as option: Cold Finder and Multicolour



LEADER TIC Mini Colour Schemes


LEADER TIC 3.1 Options

Laser pointer
2 additionnals color schemes
Protection hood
Carrying case
Vehicule charging bay
Zipper (1 or 2)
Picture capture and video recording
Wireless video transmission kit
Removable pistol grip

  • LEADER TIC 3.1
  • LEADER TIC 3.1

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