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LEADER Smoke 5


The LEADER Smoke 5 generates dense and realistic smoke for completely safe training sessions!

The LEADER Smoke 5 generator perfectly meets the training needs to fill small to very large volumes of smoke in few minutes!

Adjustable Flow Rate

  • Produces light smoke or dense smoke.

Programmable Emission – Digital remote control panel for intuitive settings:

  • Controlled volume of smoke required for each scenario (to fill small and large volumes),
  • Select length of time for which smoke is to be produced,
  • Select time interval between smoke emissions.

Permanent Heating System

  • Continuous dense smoke production in order to avoid interruptions of operation during the programmed period.

Robust Compact Design

  • Impact-resistant, splash-resistant outer casing
  • Easy to transport
  • Takes up little space

Detachable Sturdy Remote Control

  • For initiating remote production of smoke

Continuous Operation at Reduced Flowrate by Default

  • For maximum economy of fluid


  • Heat Exchanger: 2100W
  • Heat up time: 10 minutes
  • Overheat protection: yes (System DTPD : Direct Thermal Protection Device)
  • Effective coverage: 1320m³/min (46,615 ft³/min) in continuous operation at reduced output
  • ​Power consumption:
    • 2100 W, 99.2 A @ 220 V 50/60 Hz
    • 1800 W, 15 A @ 110 V 60 Hz
  • Size: 602 x 395 x 306 mm / 23.1’ x 15.6’ x 12.1’
  • Weight: 17,7 kg / 39.1lbs
  • Removable remote control: Yes (5 m/16.4ft of cable)
  • Recommended fluids: LEADER Smoke fluid composed of water and glycol
    • The smoke produced is safe and without any toxic hazard
    • Low depot
    • Environmentally friendly fluid
    • Economic
  • Fluid capacity: 5 litres (1.32 gal)
  • Fluid consumption: 176 ml/min (0.05 Gal/min)
  • LEADER Smoke 5
  • LEADER Smoke 5

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