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LEADER Sentry Stability Controller


The LEADER Sentry Stability Controller is a monitor for structual movement detection of buildings during a search and rescue mission.

The LEADER Sentry Stability Controller detects structural movements to alert SAR and firefighting teams during responses. LEADER Sentry provides additional security of intervention areas on which are engaged rescuers, rescue teams, fire fighters, doctors or workers. Its laser ray detects the slightest movement of a structure or mass that may endanger persons: unstable building, vehicle accident, landslide, or rockfall.

Two LEADER Sentry laser sensors can be linked simultaneously to monitor two different structures or two axis of movement of the same structure. If the structure under surveillance moves, a powerful siren and a flashing light are activated to warn of an impending collapse allowing rescuers to take evacuation actions.

The LEADER Sentry Stability Controller detects structural movements to alert search and rescue teams during responses.

– It detect a 5mm movement at a distance of 30m (100 ft). A telescope on the unit, allows the LEADER-Sentry to precisely focus on the targeted building or unstable structure.
– LEADER-Sentry continuously detects and warns of any movement.
– Various maximum movement thresholds (stepped from 5mm to 100mm) can be selected. When any movement monitored exceeds the selected threshold, the audible alarm is activated.
– Powered by 8 x lithium AA batteries which allow a 15.5 hours run time. The unit can be powered by an external12V source for continuous run.
– Various alarm modes to differentiate between alarm, fault, etc.
– Simple Set-up
– 2 beams can operate simultaneously on one single monitor
– 30m (100 ft) range
– Audible & Visual alarm
– Works in either Metric or Imperial (mm or inches)
– Rain resistant
– The beam is totally harmless to the eye
– OLED screen : excellent clarity even in bright sunlight
– Gives real time movement status on screen

Specifications of the LEADER Sentry Stability Controller:

LEADER-Sentry search equipment (Case containing the Display + 1Laser+ 1Tripod):
– 650 x 510 x 242 mm or 25.6 x 20.1 x 9.5 ”
– 15 kg or 33 Lbs approx.

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