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Angus Fire Hi-Combat Uniductor, when matched with Angus Hi-Combat Foam branchpipes or nozzles, provides the simplest possible means of getting foam to the fire where it is needed. They can be placed near a portable pump or hydrant outlet, minimising manpower requirements and leaving the firefighter to concentrate on effective application of the foam to control the fire situation.

Angus Hi-Combat Uniductor are venturi-type inductor devices, designed for use with the full Angus Fire range of Hi-Combat branchpipes and nozzles for quick and reliable response to first aid fire attack duties.


A simple but positive “twist and click” operation of the control knob moves the foam induction setting from 1%AR to 1%, and 3% AR to 3%. Once selected it is quick to change but cannot be unintentionally moved “offposition”. This precision engineering is designed to maintain high standards of accuracy. A UL listed 3×6 version is also available for use with 3%, 3%AR, 6% and 6%AR foam concentrates.

There are four models:

– UNI- 225(1×3)
– UNI-450(1×3)
– UNI- 225(3×6)
– UNI-450(3×6)

matched for use with aspirating foam branchpipes flowing 225 and 450 L/min at 7 bar g (100psi).

These Uniductors typically experience a 35-40% pressure drop across the inductor and operate within a recommended pressure range of 5-10 bar g.

Accurate 1%AR, 1%, 3%AR and 3%

  • Hi-Combat Portable Foam Uniductor

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