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FLOWmix Compact Foam Proportioner


The FLOWmix Compact Foam Proportioner from LEADER is the COMPACT version equips fixed installations (Hose reels, Sprinkler, fixed monitors, etc.) or is used in portable mode.

3 versions are available to suit the needs : A DOUBLE COMPACT version is available (see the datasheet below).

The FLOWmix is a proportioning and storage unit allowing for the injection of foaming gents used in firefighting:

  • Class A additives or foam concentrates: 0.1% to 1%,
  • Class B concentrates: 1% to 3%.

Completely based on a mechanical principle
The FLOWmix does not require outside electrical power source, and automatically
operates from discharge side of the pump

Pressure Losses Reduced
Ideal for establishing large pipe lengths

Essential tool for use with additives of class A fires where the concentration usage is very low (0.1 TO 0.6%)

  • For use in urban and industrial fires:
    • Wood, Paper, Carton,
    • Plastic, Rubber,
    • Tissues, Textiles
    • Vegetation, Brush…
  • Forest fire response
  • FLOWmix Compact Foam Proportioner
  • FLOWmix Compact Foam Proportioner

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