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EXPANDER FiberTech 400 Low Expansion Foam Nozzle


The EXPANDER FiberTech 400 Low Expansion Foam Nozzle from Leader delivers a flow rate of 400 litres per minute at 5 bar.

Technical Information:

  • Nozzle made of FiberTech® composite material*, corrosion-proof with hard anodized aluminium polyester lined cylinder
  • Ultra compact (short cylinder)
  • Ball valve
  • Swivel inlet
  • Expansion x10
  • Flowrates: 400 @ 5 bar
  • Lengths: 340 mm
  • Optimised ranges: 35 m
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Couplings on request

FiberTech composite strengths are many compared with brass and aluminium:

  • Far lighter than brass and lighter than aluminium alloy
  • Equal in terms of mechanical strength and durability to aluminium alloy
  • Stronger resistance to corrosion compared to aluminium alloy and brass
    • in saline environments
    • in use with foam concentrates
  • Equal to aluminium alloy for resistance to chemicals
  • Thermal resistance: No deformation of the mass at high temperatures (unlike aluminium)
  • Thermal insulation: The material naturally insulates the user from the cold
  • Electrical insulation: Better protection for the nozzle operator
  • EXPANDER FiberTech 400 Low Expansion Foam Nozzle
  • EXPANDER FiberTech 400 Low Expansion Foam Nozzle

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