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ECOPOL F3 AR Premium


The ECOPOL F3 AR Premium is a FLUORINE FREE foam concentrate as efficient as an AFFF-AR! It offers greater efficiency on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires!

The extinguishing effectiveness of ECOPOL F3 AR Premium on hydrocarbon fires can be compared to an AFFF foam concentrate (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) that contains fluorine.

The multi-purpose AR (Alcohol Resistant) foam concentrate works by generating a protective gel film on the surface of all types of flammable polar solvent liquids and provides exceptional resistance to re-ignition.
A powerful foaming capability which increases the effectiveness!

The adhesive nature of the foam generated, combined with its slow drainage time, offers durable adherence on vertical surfaces.


As a totally fluorine-free foam concentrate, ECOPOL F3 AR PREMIUM is not subject to current or forthcoming regulatory controls on the prohibition on products containing fluorine derivatives.

ECOPOL F3 AR Premium is completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFCs, PerFluorinated Compounds) recognized as persistent in the environment, that are detrimental as bioaccumulables and toxic to living organisms.

ECOPOL F3 AR Premium is classified as readily biodegradable. It breaks down rapidly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue and contains no halogen derivatives.

Depending on the absorption capacity of your sewage treatment plant and your spillage arrangements, ECOPOL F3 AR Premium can be eliminated without resorting to incineration.

Effective on industrial fires: landfills, plastics, tyres, etc.
Effective on hydrocarbon fires: fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.
Effective on polar solvent fires: alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc.
Effective on urban fires: waste bins, furniture, textiles, etc.
Effective at Low, Medium and High Expansion.
Compatible with the most of dosing systems.
Can be used with mobile and fixed fire fighting systems.

Certificates & Compliances

European standards: EN 1568 1. 2. 3. 4
Oil industry: GESIP – LASTFIRE
Forest fire standards: Ceren Certificate
International standard: UL 162

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The BIOex Company is specialized in the manufacture of fire fighting foam concentrates to address all risk, its plant is located at Montrottier, near Lyon, in France.

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