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EASY 4000 Large Flow Fan


The EASY 4000 Large Flow Fan from LEADER is a very effective solution for smoke removal and air cooling and renewal in large spaces (parking lots, tall apartment blocks, factories, storage facilities, exhibition venues, etc.)

Mobile ventilation solution for large volume

Equipped with a nozzle spraying system in its standard version, Easy 4000 offers effective gas dilution and smoke cooling and its extremely reduced weight gives it an unrivalled performance / manoeuvrability ratio in operation.


  • Nominal airflow: 185 000 m³/h
  • Estimated full airflow in normal operating conditions: 400 000 m³/h

New BMW Flat Twin motorization:

  • 1170 cm3 with electronic control
  • 115 HP – 2 cylinders 4 strokes
  • Catalytic converter

Noise: 96 dBA at 7 m (23 feet)

Running time: 1h 40min

Misting device:

  • 260 l/min at 7 bar
  • Reach: about 40m
  • Tilt: -10° to +20°

Stable & easy to handle:

  • Extremely reduced weight
  • Unrivalled performance VS maneuverability ratio
  • One fire fighter can easily handle it

Main options:

  • 600 or 1200mm elevating platforms (24 or 47 inch)
  • 360° manual rotation system

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