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Bristol Managed Services – Bristol Uniforms is the only PPE manufacturer offering in-house managed services across the UK. Its technical expertise and test facilities ensure that after thorough cleaning and repair, all PPE is safe and fit to return to firefighters on the front line.

Bristol employs its own delivery drivers in a fleet of liveried vans to collect soiled or damaged garments from Fire and Rescue Services around the country.  The garments are transported to one of two dedicated UK Service Centres for thorough cleaning, scanning, inspection and repair, and are then returned to the customer within a guaranteed seven days.

The Bristol Managed Services Centres, in Bristol and Greater London, handle up to 3,500 items of PPE every week. Unique bar codes on each item provide Bristol with a thorough record of its life-journey from the date of manufacture, the specific rolls of fabric that were used to create it, and each wash and repair.  The Centres are also equipped to treat contaminated PPE, which has been exposed to toxic or hazardous materials and needs to be cleaned in a specially controlled environment.

Bristol Uniforms is proud to design and manufacture firefighting garments to a very high standard, and takes this this attention-to-detail through to cleaning and maintenance to ensure that each and every item of PPE is fully operational before going back out into the field.  Specialist staff are employed for every step of this process, from the designers to the machinists to the delivery drivers, so that Bristol has full control at all times and can provide the quality and reliability its customers require. In this way, Bristol can ensure its uniforms continue to deliver for customers well beyond initial sales.

  • Bristol Managed Services
  • Bristol Managed Services
  • Bristol Managed Services

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Bristol Uniforms is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of PPE for the emergency services. Established in 1801 as a clothing manufacturer, the company began manufacturing fire clothing in 1962 and went on to become a pioneer in the development of advanced firefighter PPE.

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