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Prism Gas Detection Pvt Ltd

by Marcus

Providing Total Gas Safety Products & Solutions – Industrial, Domestic, Commercial. PRISM is a company dedicated to provide Gas Safety Products and Solutions to all types of customers in India and elsewhere.
Any Gas Any where. Protecting your lives and property. Gas Detection the most reliable way….. are our mission statements.
PRISM has filled up an old and ever-widening gap between over-priced products from Europe, Japan and US and very poor quality prodcuts either made in India or from China.
PRISM sources high quality components, modules and parts from all over the globe, adds value based on our expertise and experience to evolve products best suited to Indian economics, work culture and environments
PRISM has always been with the customer throughout product life – with Calibration Services, Preventive & Maintenance Services, Revamping, Relocating, feature Up-gradation & Technology Up-gradation using original investments maximally.

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