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Prima Foam Units widely used by UK Fire Services

by Marcus
Prima Foam Units

Delta’s Prima Foam Units are used to great effect in many flammable liquid spill situations where traditional portable foam or powder extinguishers are simply inadequate due to low application rates and short run times often allowing fires to be out of control before professional help arrives.

Manufactured in the UK at Delta‘s Norfolk based facility, the Prima Foam Units are widely used by UK Fire & Rescue Services and are perfectly suited to a wide range of firefighting applications including fuel & chemical spills, car & skip fires, car ferry deck protection, flammable liquid stores, fuel loading racks, boiler rooms, ship’s engine rooms, paints & solvents stores to name just a few.

Designed for fire extinguishment and vapour control the Primas are ideal for use with Hose Reels, Hose Racks and Fire Hydrants requiring only a pressurised water supply to facilitate up to 10 minutes of continuous foam production.

These hand held, rapid response units are capable of long throws of produced foam allowing fast, efficient one-man fire suppression.

Just one Prima Unit has the equivalent fire power of 40 x Standard 9 litre foam extinguishers when filled with 3% foam concentrate.

Remarkably low pressures, as low as 2 bar, are required to operate the Primas. With only 3 bar water pressure (50psi) the LX Prima has a throw of 6.5 metres.

The Prima Units store 12 litres of foam concentrate and are fitted with an easy to use ‘on/off’ ball valve providing complete operator control. When the valve is opened water passes through the foam mixing head drawing up the concentrate at a preset 3% or 6% mixing rate.

There are 3 models available in the Prima range:

LX Prima: This model is supplied with a low expansion foam branchpipe and perfectly suited to all general fire control situations and is compatible with any foam concentrate.

MX Prima: Supplied with a high expansion foam branchpipe this model has the same capabilities as the LX above but is particularly suited to the blanketing of flammable liquid spills and vapour suppression.

LX/MX Prima: This dual version Prima is designed to cover all eventualities in one easy to use unit providing the ultimate in protection whatever the risk.

All Primas are supplied with a 1″ BSP Female inlet as standard but a full range of British and International fittings are available from stock.

For more information visit www.deltafire.co.uk.

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